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Chapter 173 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia was eating. She made herself a plate of snacks. They were small, soft, and sweet, like cotton candy. She ate very quickly. There was still soft icing at the corner of her lips, but it did not seem rough at all. The maid came over with a tissue and pointed at her right cheek. “Here.” Olivia was stunned. Then, she smiled at the maid. “Thank you.” In fact, the previous Olivia used to love to smile, like a little sun, and everyone would naturally or unconsciously gather around her, just like planets orbiting a star. It was an instinctive attraction. But later on, Olivia gradually disliked smiling. Fortunately, her thoughts are now clear. No one in this world could shackle her anymore. After eating the snacks, Olivia leaned on the sofa. Her eyelashes fluttered, and it was obvious that she was in a good mood. Seeing this, the maid was a little surprised and asked, “Ms. Olivia, are you not angry?” Olivia slowly lifted her eyelids and looked over in confusion. “What’s there to be angry about?” “Aren’t you angry that Lindsay said that to you?” The maid was indignant. She had learned about Lindsay from the butler and felt that the girl had gone too far. If it were her, she would definitely scold and mock Lindsay.
  • “However, Ms. Olivia’s status was higher than hers. It was not good for Ms. Olivia to scold Lindsay like this. It was also low-class. It was best to fight back, just like the domineering female lead,” thought the maid. “Ms. Olivia, you could just look up and slap Lindsay fiercely.” Olivia was amused by the maid’s idea. She collapsed on the sofa and laughed. The maid rubbed her nose in embarrassment. “Then what should we do?” It was very rude to scold Lindsay back, but it felt a little too much to hit her back. After Olivia laughed, she leaned forward and placed her arms on the table, supporting her chin with her palms. Her slender legs swayed casually. She really knew how to answer this question. When she was in high school, there was a boy who had just been promoted to junior high. He kept pestering her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. The boy came from a good family and was very spoiled. He was a domineering student in elementary school. No matter where he went, a group of children followed behind him, and he was like their leader. He was bothering Olivia at the time, and she felt irritated. It was hard to reason with him. He was unreasonable, causing confusion, and refusing to listen to reason.
  • If she scolded him, it would make her look like a shrew. Besides, it was clear she didn’t have experience with verbal arguments. If they started exchanging insults, he would just bring her down to his level, and with his extensive experience as a troublemaker, he would easily outwit her! Besides, he was just a young kid, only 12 years old, much younger than her. It wouldn’t be right to physically harm someone who still had a childish and immature demeanor. In the end, Olivia thought of a solution. She found the boy’s mother and presented her top-ranking report card, saying she wanted to tutor him. She even said that if he wanted to improve his grades, he had to respect her and call her Ms. Taylor in the future. Moreover, she persuasively and convincingly convinced his mother, making her believe in the saying “spare the rod, spoil the child,” insisting that her misbehaving son must be disciplined and punished severely. Hence, when the boy failed in English, his mother pounced on him and beat him up. If the little brat did not write his essay for the exam, his mother would pounce on him and beat him up. When the little brat fell asleep in class, his mother pinched him.
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