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Chapter 92 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • The one who sent Olivia off was Henry, Daniel’s driver. Henry was in his forties but has been driving for more than 20 years. His driving skills were top-notch, with precise anticipation and a steady speed. It was so stable that you could even drink coffee and read the newspaper in the car; there would not be a hint of swaying. Henry approached and opened the car door for Olivia. Olivia nodded at Henry and then settled into the back seat. Olivia lightly lifted her heel, and her foot landed on the pedal. Henry did not follow them into the old mansion, so he was not clear about what happened. However, as the Sullivan family’s servant, Henry more or less knew a little. Ms. Taylor returned halfway, and Mr. Sullivan was not by her side. Something must have happened. Mrs. Sullivan probably did not like Ms. Taylor, so Mrs. Sullivan wanted to chase Ms. Taylor away. Having been a driver for decades, Henry knew what matters should be spoken of and what should not. As a driver, discretion was of the utmost importance. However, he had a favorable impression of Olivia and could not hold back his words. “Miss Olivia, do not be upset. Mr. Sullivan is on your side,” said Henry. Olivia was gazing out the window in a trance.
  • Upon hearing this, she seemed somewhat surprised. Olivia’s clear and tranquil gaze slowly shifted, landing on the driver, Henry. “What did you say?” Olivia’s tone was unhurried and cold, but it was not annoying. Instead, it made people respect her. Olivia had a special aura about her that made people instinctively feel close, attracted, and inclined to follow. Henry felt a bit embarrassed and scratched his head. He then repeated, “Miss Olivia, do not be upset. The Sullivan family might have many rules due to their prominent status, but Mr. Sullivan is on your side.” Olivia could tell from Henry’s words that Henry assumed she had been treated unfairly in the Sullivan family. Unfair treatment? Olivia lowered her gaze and smiled softly. What kind of unfair treatment was this? People were driven by self-interest; it was just human nature, after all. Henry, looking through the rearview mirror, only saw Olivia bowing her head and did not catch her gentle smile. Henry thought Olivia was feeling sad and quickly tried to comfort her. “Miss Olivia, please do not be sad.
  • I believe it will not be long before Mr. Sullivan comes after you. He will definitely come looking for you. And as for the Sullivan family, as long as Mr. Sullivan stands firm, no one can stop you from being with him. Mrs. Sullivan will surely accept you,” said Henry. At this point, he could not help but ramble a few more words. “Mrs. Sullivan is getting older. People tend to become stubborn as they age, unwilling to accept things or people they do not like. But from another perspective, as people age, they become more tender-hearted. As long as you are sincere, persistent, and show genuine care for Mrs. Sullivan, willing to compromise and patiently influence her, in the end, she will surely accept you.” Henry continued saying: He even gave an example. “I heard about the wife of Jones from the Green family. She won Mrs. Green’s heart in the same way. At first, Mrs. Green disliked the Jones’s wife a lot; even after she had children, she was not allowed inside the house. But Jones’s wife was kind and persistent. She was constantly pleased and cared for Mrs. Green. She even personally took care of Mrs. Green when she was seriously ill, without. even needing a nurse. It was only through these efforts that she touched. Mrs. Green’s heart and gained acceptance,” said Henry.
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