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Chapter 66 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • The atmosphere was a little awkward. Emma, Lola, and the others had always worked together to embarrass the other party. They had never experienced such humiliation from other people. No matter how scheming a girl was, she still had her pride, especially in front of the two handsome men. Lola’s eyes instantly turned red, and she almost cried. If Andrew had not spoken up, Lola would not have been able to stay. Just as everyone was silent, Andrew, who was leaning against Olivia’s leg, raised his head and asked curiously, “Olivia, what’s a boat?” Hearing this, Olivia thought of something and squatted down. “Andrew, do you want to play?” Andrew wanted to go, but he was too embarrassed to ask. Although he was young, Andrew could understand the tone when people talked. Olivia did not like the three girls opposite her, so Andrew was a little hesitant. The little boy lowered his head and rubbed his fingers, not saying a word. Olivia did not understand what a child was thinking. Seeing that Andrew did not speak, Olivia asked again, “Andrew, do you want to go?
  • If you do, let’s go and see the lotus.” The lotus! Was it really okay? Andrew looked up at Daniel. Sensing his son’s questioning gaze, Daniel wanted to refuse. Daniel was unwilling to let so many third wheels disturb his rare opportunity to get along with Olivia. However, in front of Olivia, Daniel had always been a good father. How could Daniel ruin his persona? Hence, Daniel nodded. “If you want to go see, I’ll come with you.” When he spoke, Daniel even smiled. He showed the image of a good father. After receiving his father’s permission, Andrew was overjoyed. He asked excitedly, “Olivia, have you seen a boat before? Are we going to swim in the water?” Olivia thought for a moment and replied, “A boat floats in the water.” Because of Andrew, the crowd that was about to disperse went to the boat together. Lola was still feeling awkward and didn’t want to go. However, Elaine and Emma had already boarded the boat. It wasn’t good for Lola to leave on her own. Lola could only lower her head and brace herself to follow. Lola was really afraid of Olivia. Olivia was completely different from what Emma had said.
  • Not only was Olivia cold, but she was also imposing. Lola had never seen such a powerful person. With a glance, Lola felt her heart tremble. The group of them boarded the boat to see the lotus. When they reached the lotus, they could change to a two-person boat and row the boat to the lotus pond. Andrew was excited and reached out to touch the lotus leaf. Daniel said, “I’ll take you to row a boat.” Olivia was surprised. “You know how to row?” Daniel tidied his sleeves. His expression was calm as he said casually, “A little.” The staff at the lotus pond quickly brought over a small boat. Daniel went up first, then carried Andrew over. Finally, he patted Andrew’s arm without anyone noticing, indicating that Andrew should call Olivia. Before Andrew could understand, Elaine, who had been silent all this while, suddenly asked, “Mr. Sullivan, can you teach me how to row a boat?” The indifferent little girl seemed very embarrassed. When Elaine said this, her face turned red. “I like rowing very much, but I haven’t had the chance to learn it.
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