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Chapter 95 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • How could this be? Isaac’s granddaughter was actually Olivia. That was impossible. It was absolutely impossible! Yvonne’s emotions completely spiraled out of control. Madness surged in her eyes as she continuously shook her head. Her body trembled. She couldn’t accept everything that was happening right before her eyes. The others around were equally dumbfounded by this earth-shattering revelation. It took a while for them to recover their senses. “Aren’t you the Taylor family’s daughter? How could you be Mr. Smith’s granddaughter? You don’t even share the same surname!” Harper was the first to regain her composure and blurt out. This was the question everyone was pondering. All eyes turned to Olivia. The situation was too skeptical. It was hard to believe how Olivia could be connected to the renowned doctor’s lineage. When the Taylor family found her, they had investigated her origins. The person who adopted her was just an ordinary doctor. Yvonne also thought of this, her eyes growing dark. She bit down on her lower lip until it bled. She suppressed the overwhelming emotions that threatened to burst forth. Hearing Harper’s question, Olivia raised her eyes. Her eyes exuded an icy, yet alluring aura.
  • A faint reddish hue adorned the corners of her eyes, accentuating her pitch-black eyelashes. A cold glimmer flashed in her eyes. It was an intensity that was nearly unbearable to behold. She oozed a dominant aura, but she also had a subtle, seductive charm. As everyone’s gaze fell upon her, the room fell into a hushed silence. The atmosphere was so tense that no one dared to breathe. All eyes were riveted on her as if she were the most dazzling figure in the spotlight. It was the first time Olivia had truly faced Yvonne head-on. Before this, Olivia had never cast a direct gaze at Yvonne. Nor had she ever taken her seriously. She treated her with complete indifference. “The Taylor family?” Olivia’s dark eyes curved slightly, and she smirked. There was a hint of mockery in her nonchalant expression. “Who are they to investigate the Smith family’s background?” Olivia never acknowledged the Taylor family, one of the four great billionaires’s Missing Darling families in Evervale. She never thought of them as significant! For a moment, everyone’s hearts surged. They were shocked beyond words. Olivia was really arrogant! As Olivia’s words fell, Yanis stepped forward, assuming a protective stance in front of her and locking eyes with the crowd. His voice was cold.
  • “If it weren’t for Ms. Taylor’s consent, do you think the Taylor family alone could so easily pry into the Smith family?” The Smith family was a renowned medical family that spanned over a thousand years of history. Its talents were scattered across the world. Not to mention the family’s internal strength; even on a national level, there were individuals secretly protecting their interests. Isaac was a national treasure-level renowned doctor, and Olivia’s medical skills surpassed his own. Leaders who often appeared on national news broadcasts would personally visit Layfield to have their pulse checked by her grandfather. Olivia had grown up alongside these influential figures. Anyone who dared to bully Olivia must have a death wish!“ Ms. Taylor has been searching for her family for years. Mr. Smith has long known about her origins. However, due to the complexities within. the Taylor family, like her father’s partiality, her mother’s psychological issues, and the presence of a special adopted daughter, Mr. Smith was worried that the turmoil in the Taylor family might adversely affect her character and ruin her. That’s why he didn’t reveal her true identity earlier.” Yanis coldly stared at Yvonne, his expression dripping with disdain.
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