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Chapter 76 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Yvonne knew well how to behave. This time, she brought gifts for everyone, including a gift for Olivia. It was a beautiful gemstone necklace, which was quite expensive. Upon seeing the gift, Amelia commented, “Why did you bring her a gift? She doesn’t deserve something so nice.” She was no longer hiding her disgust toward Olivia. Yvonne glanced at Amelia and felt surprised. She didn’t expect Emma to hold such a significant place in Amelia’s heart. Amelia was willing to forgo even her pride just to slander Olivia and side with Emma. Yvonne pretended to be embarrassed. “Previously, because of me, Olivia was embarrassed and couldn’t come home. I felt bad, so I thought of giving her a gift to apologize.” “It’s not your fault,” Amelia comforted her. “From now on, Olivia has nothing to do with the Taylor family. You don’t have to care about what she thinks. There are only you and Emma as the granddaughters of the Taylor family.” “What happened?” Yvonne pretended to be surprised. Amelia assured her and said, “It’s fine.”
  • Then, she turned to Liam. “That girl doesn’t know how to appreciate favors. She’s also vicious and ungrateful. Keeping her in the Taylor family will only ruin our reputation. It’s best to announce her dismissal in the newspaper and take back the shares she holds in the Taylor family.” Worried that Liam might not agree, Amelia looked at Yvonne and added, “After retrieving the shares, we can distribute them to Emma and Yvonne.” Liam sighed. “It has only been half a year since the banquet was held to announce that we found Olivia, and it was reported in the newspaper. If we announce her dismissal now, the Taylor family will become the laughingstock of the entire upper-class society.” “It’s better to endure short-term pain than prolonged suffering!” Amelia sneered. “If we don’t act now, with her wicked nature, she might do even more malicious things. When the time comes, the Taylor family will be implicated, and it will be even more painful.” Liam remained silent for a moment before saying, “It’s fine to retrieve the shares, but let’s skip the newspaper announcement.”
  • Amelia smiled. “That’s right. Of course, we have to give the Taylor family’s shares to the granddaughters of the Taylor family. So, Yvonne and Emma will split it equally.” Liam nodded. “Okay.” Upon hearing this, Yvonne immediately refused. “It’s okay to give them to Emma. How am I supposed to be a member of the Taylor family and accept the shares? No, I can’t accept them.” Emma quickly echoed her. “I can’t accept them either.” Their modesty pleased Amelia, who clapped her hands with a smile. “These are our daughters from the Taylor family. So magnanimous! Unlike the one upstairs, she is narrow-minded, has a small mentality, and is money-minded. She didn’t even hesitate to accept it, without any show of modesty.” The butler added with a smile, “Researchers might have prestigious titles, but they’re often quite poor. Relatives from my husband’s family work in research institutes with many impressive titles, but they can’t even afford a down payment of 200 thousand dollars.” Thinking of Olivia’s shabby appearance and the cheap clothes she was wearing without even a brand, Amelia frowned. She felt no heartache, but embarrassment. Amelia expressed her concerns and told William, “I remember she’s a shareholder of Charm, so she should have shares and shouldn’t be short of money.” William was not well-versed in this matter and can only be inferred based on experience.
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