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Chapter 164 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Before going to the kitchen, Olivia wrote a list for the butler and asked her to prepare the ingredients referring to it. In the kitchen, she used the available ingredients to prepare a bowl of meat soup for herself. This type of soft dish was Isaac’s favorite. It was also one of the few dishes she excelled at. She was skilled in three types of cuisine. They were the soft food that Isaac loved, the seafood dishes that Gillian favored, and the local dishes in Evervale with sweet and sour sauce that Jarron liked. Only she did not know how to make the spicy cuisine that she loved. The butler quickly returned with all the ingredients and herbs. Lindy followed behind and entered the kitchen. She looked at the kitchen filled with ingredients and slightly furrowed her brow. “Ms. Olivia, if there’s anything you need, you can have the kitchen prepare it. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself.” Olivia was holding a bowl of meat soup and slowly enjoying it, spoon by spoon. When she saw Lindy approaching, she invited her to sit down. “Do you want to try it?”
  • She pushed the other bowl of untouched meat soup over. Lindy, accustomed to gourmet dishes and daily meals prepared by renowned chefs, couldn’t understand why she would be interested in this simple-looking bowl of meat soup. However, she politely declined. “Thank you, but I just had lunch, and I’m too full to eat.” Olivia nodded and continued eating without saying anything. She sat in the chair, holding the spoon with her fingertips as she slowly scooped up the meat soup. Her movements were elegant, and her etiquette was impeccable. Lindy initially had many things to say, but as she watched Olivia, she felt a sense of tranquility and didn’t want to disturb the moment. She stood at the side and watched her eat silently. In the spacious kitchen, there was only one table for food preparation. This originally simple place seemed to take on an elevated appearance with Olivia sitting there. The chef at the side even had the illusion that his table was placed well and was very suitable for having a meal. Olivia sat at the center of the table, eating slowly and gracefully.
  • The people surrounding her watched Olivia as if they were waiters awaiting a guest’s call. It was clearly a very strange scene, but no one noticed anything amiss. Instead, they felt that it was natural. After finishing the meat soup, Olivia wiped her mouth with a napkin and noticed Lindy. She raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why are you still here?” Her tone was calm and not accusatory; it was just mild curiosity. However, for some reason, Lindy became nervous and stammered, as if she were a secretary reporting to her manager. “I, I…” Olivia’s raised eyebrow added to her unease. She couldn’t remember why she was there. Feeling flustered, Lindy sought help from the butler, who was also nervous. But being at a safe distance from Olivia allowed the butler to remain rational. The butler explained, “Ms. Olivia wants to personally handle the ingredients. Mrs. Patterson was concerned about it, so she came over to check.” Lindy nodded, recalling the reason for her presence. “Ms. Olivia, you can just tell the chef what you want. You don’t have to do it yourself.”
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