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Chapter 130 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • After the song ended, the surrounding anime characters retreated one after another, leaving a large space for Olivia and Daniel. The two were still holding hands. Olivia smiled and was about to say something. An orange–yellow Garfield cat ran toward the two of them. Olivia was stunned for a moment before she was hugged by Garfield. “Beautiful princess, are you satisfied with the ball?” It was Garfield’s unique and silly voice. Olivia chuckled. It was rare for her to have such a mischievous thought. She raised her hand and tapped on Garfield’s orange nose. “I like it very much.” It had been a long time since she had been so happy. It seemed that after returning from the bottom of the cliff, she rarely smiled, and her personality had become much calmer. Sometimes, Olivia could barely remember what she used to look like. Now that she saw so many cute anime images, she felt like she had returned to her childhood. At that time, she was naughty and mischievous. She often teased Jarron and Gillian.
  • Every time this happened, her grandpa would be so angry that he wanted to hit her with a broom. Jarron chased after her and played with her while Gillian smiled gently at the side. When she was tired from running, Gillian would bring over a glass of cool lemonade. After Olivia took a sip, she could feel the chill. It was so refreshing that she felt comforted all over. How happy she was back then. Young Olivia stood on a tall rock and looked at her grandfather, Jarron, and Gillian. She felt that all of this was extremely blissful. She had to protect all of the people she loved. Actually, she didn’t really like to study medicine. She preferred to play the violin and paint, but she had to protect all of the people she loved, so she focused on learning medicine from her grandfather. She wanted to replace her grandfather as the next backbone of the Smith family. She wanted to keep all the people she loved safe. She was clearly the youngest, but she had the greatest responsibility. But then, when did things start to go wrong? Olivia had always prided herself on being sensitive, perceptive, and observant. But why did she fail to notice the change in Gillian? Did Gillian hide her intentions too well?
  • Or did Olivia trust her too much and subconsciously never think that she would hurt her? After a moment of daze, Olivia quickly came back to her senses. She liked Garfield and could not help but rub its fluffy face. Garfield imitated the tone in the movies and exclaimed, “Don’t mess up my handsome face.” Olivia chuckled. Seeing her smile, Garfield seemed to be very happy. It took off the chubby toy cat’s head, revealing a beautiful and adorable face. It was actually a cute young girl. Olivia was stunned for a moment before she smiled and praised, “Your eyes are so beautiful like those of a deer.” The girl covered her mouth and chuckled. Then, she tilted her head and looked at Daniel, “Mr. Sullivan said the same thing.” She looked at Daniel with watery eyes that seemed to contain deep emotions. “Mr. Sullivan, do you still remember me?” Daniel glanced over at the girl. He had always been very good at memorizing things and people, but no matter how skillful he was, it was impossible for him to remember everyone he had seen. He had no impression of this girl at all. However, what kind of person was Daniel? After thinking for a moment, he guessed that the girl should be the new secretary in charge of this ball. Ellis had been busy with the bidding and had no free time at all.
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