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Chapter 147 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • What a cute thing to say. Olivia felt like candy was in this little guy’s mouth, making it sweet. It was so sweet that it warmed her heart. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She raised her hand and pulled Andrew into her arms. She tapped his little nose. “Why are you so good at talking?” This little angel always brought her unexpected surprises. After breakfast, Olivia returned to her room to change her shoes. Andrew stood in the corridor and waited for her. The little guy was wearing a short dark green down jacket and gray cargo pants, and his hands were in his pockets. He looked arrogant and cool, completely different from the person in front of Olivia. Coincidentally, Zoila came out with her bag. Andrew raised his chin and beckoned her over with his little finger. Zoila was stunned and walked over in a daze. Andrew raised his eyebrows. He wanted to say something, but then he felt that his current state was not good. He did not respect women enough. Hence, he took his hands out of his pockets and said in a much gentler tone, “Ms. Milton, I have a classmate whose great-grandfather lived until he was 99 years old. Do you know why?” Zoila’s expression changed slightly. She could guess what Andrew was going to say, but she felt that it was impossible.
  • After all, Andrew was too young. He was only five years old. She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Why?” “Because he never meddles in other people’s business.” Andrew’s voice was crisp and pleasant, with a hint of childish softness. He did not like what Ms. Milton had said during breakfast just now, but he also understood that Ms. Milton was concerned about him. Because he liked to eat chicken, she got up very early and went to the restaurant to buy them. His teacher had said that he had to treat other people’s feelings seriously and thank them sincerely. Andrew was very grateful to Ms. Milton, but he did not like Ms. Milton to be nosy. The well-mannered little boy suppressed his cold and distant nature and explained seriously, “I like Olivia, so give the chicken nugget to Olivia to cat. I’ll be even happier when I see that she likes it. You don’t have to worry about me.” Zoila’s heart was filled with frustration. She could not understand why Andrew would like Olivia when she did not seem to be taking care of Andrew at all. “Andrew,” Zoila said, “why do you like Olivia?” What did he like about her? Andrew tilted his head and looked puzzled. “What do you mean, why? There’s no reason.” Zoila took a deep breath and asked, “Then do you like me?” “I do.” The little boy nodded.
  • Zoila was overjoyed. Just as she was about to speak, she heard him continue, “But it’s different from me liking Olivia.” Andrew stretched out his little finger and pointed at his little finger. “I like you this much.” “What about Olivia?” “So many…” Andrew stretched his arms wide open but felt it was not enough. He added another adjective, “as many as the sky.” Zoila looked up at the ceiling and then at his little fingers. She suddenly felt sad. The difference was too big. Inexplicably indignant, she continued to ask, “Why? What’s wrong with me? What don’t you like about me?” Andrew thought seriously before answering, “Ms. Milton’s eyes are too big. Although big eyes are beautiful, they’re not as good as Olivia’s. Also, Ms. Milton, you don’t smell good either. It’s pungent, unlike Olivia’s fragrance.” Zoila was a little sad. Her doe eyes were the most beautiful, and the perfume she wore today was very expensive. It was famous for its good smell. As if he could tell that Zoila was not in a good mood, Andrew comforted her.
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