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Chapter 134 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Samuel infuriated Liam, who then passed out. He had completely given up on this son of his. Not only was Samuel stupid, but he was also unreasonable. He actually wanted Olivia to thank him. He said that if he hadn’t lost Olivia, she wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to be adopted by the miracle-working doctor. How could he even say that? Liam was so angry that his hands trembled. He fainted for half an hour before slowly waking up. After waking up, he no longer wanted to care about these things. He waved his hand. “Do whatever you want. It’s up to you.” He was old and could not care so much. His children and grandchildren would have their own good fortune. He would let them do whatever they wanted.
  • After saying that, he chased everyone away. Only William was allowed to stay. “Grandpa.” William sat beside Liam and held his hand. Liam retracted his hand and said in a strong voice, “Don’t make it sound like you’re visiting a patient. I’m not dying yet!” William silently retracted his hand. Liam looked up at his proud grandson with a loving expression. Although Samuel was a bastard, he was not completely useless. At the very least, he had given birth to William. Liam seriously instructed William, “Let your parents do whatever they want. Don’t interfere, and don’t get involved.” William frowned. “Since you don’t agree with Dad and Mom going to beg Olivia, why don’t you stop them, Grandpa?” “Stop them?” Liam said in a self-mockery manner, “If I could stop them, things wouldn’t have come to this point. I’ve already said what I should say, but they’re still stubborn and act on their will. Even if I forbid them on the surface, they’ll secretly do it. Moreover-” Liam paused for a moment and continued, “I have my own selfish motives.” William looked at him.
  • “I want to see what kind of feelings Olivia has for your mother and the Taylor family. I want to see if there’s still room for negotiation.” After all, Olivia was Isaac’s granddaughter. Liam still wanted to try his best to repair their relationship. William paused for a moment and frowned. He felt that his grandfather was delusional. With Olivia’s personality, if she were not extremely disappointed, why would she not leave any leeway? However, although he thought so, he did not say anything. Samuel and Amelia had already gone downstairs to the living room on the first floor. It was getting late, and Amelia’s brother and Adam were going back. After sending her brother and nephew off, Amelia went upstairs to look for Emma. Emma had changed into a set of pajamas. She had the makeup on her face removed, making her pale face look even more pitiful. Amelia took one look and sobbed. Her heart ached so much that she was about to cry.
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