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Chapter 123 My Billionaire Missing Lover

  • Olivia sat on the sofa with a glass of wine handed over by Isabella. She casually placed the wine glass on the small table beside her. She raised her chin slightly and looked at Samuel seriously. According to Samuel, Olivia was a scheming person. She had lived in the city since she was young. Because her grandfather, who had raised her, was old and did not discipline her strictly, she had many bad habits. She was very vulgar and was prone to jealousy. She admired vanity and liked to steal things. She did all the bad things. Because she was greedy for the Taylor family’s assets, she forged a paternity test report and claimed that she was the child the Taylor family had lost 18 years. In order to obtain more assets, she framed Emma and forged the audio and video to ruin Emma’s reputation. She was simply scum! Isabella was originally sitting elegantly on the sofa. When she heard Samuel say that Olivia was greedy for the Taylor family’s assets, her wrist trembled and she almost dropped her wine glass.
  • She coughed a few times before calming herself down. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. She thought, “Samuel must be crazy. What the hell is he talking about?” Seeing Isabella’s surprise, Samuel’s eyes were filled with pride. After today, Olivia would be completely expelled from upper–class society. Even if she was beautiful, Daniel would not be with such a vicious woman. Samuel didn’t have any feelings for Olivia who had been lost for 18 years. He was even a little angry because Olivia’s existence was a constant reminder of his mistake back then. If he had not been careless, he would not have lost Olivia. Although no one mentioned this matter anymore, every time he saw Olivia, Samuel would feel uncomfortable. More importantly, Olivia was not obedient at all. She always contradicted him and did not have any respect for him as a father. Compared to Emma, the difference was very huge.
  • Samuel didn’t care about having another woman at home, but he hated a disobedient woman! Evelyn was right. The child that was found from outside could not be fine. Not only did she not have any respect for her biological parents, but she was also filled with resentment. It was like a poisonous snake lurking in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. Olivia was a poison. If she could destroy Emma today, she would ruin Samuel’s reputation as a father tomorrow. He had to make a prompt decision and ruin Olivia’s reputation completely. Amelia, who was walking over, was stunned when she heard Samuel’s words. She staggered a few steps and held onto a pillar beside her, barely stabilizing herself. She thought, “What is going on? How could it be fake? “Olivia is my daughter, that’s right!” Amelia was very confused. She looked at Samuel and said, “Samuel, you…”
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