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Chapter 99 Panic

  • Li Tiezheng looked ashen as he ran down the steps but was not in time to hold Xia Mo before she came tumbling down.
  • Xia Mo had hit her head on the steps. The sight of the bloodstained stairs was deeply disturbing for Li Tiezheng. He took off his jacket, and without even pausing to see exactly where the wound was, he bundled Xia Mo’s head up.
  • He carried her up and dashed down the stairs into his car, as he shouted, “Fan Zhi, drive!”
  • Ling Yichen let go of Qiao and trailed down the steps. He only made it in time to tap on the car door before it sped off with Xia Mo inside.
  • In a blink of an eye before he realized what had come to pass, Xia Mo had tumbled down the steps and been carried off by Li Tiezheng.
  • He turned back and saw all the blood on the ground, which made him feel as though his heart had been sliced open. He ditched Qiao and ran a few steps towards his own car. Worriedly he told the driver, “Quickly, follow that car that just left!”
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