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Chapter 98 An Accident

  • Both were thunderstruck. Xia Mo’s little face had blushed completely crimson, as she hurried to take a step forward.
  • Li Tiezheng awkwardly straightened his body.
  • He honestly had been never graced by such a surprise before!
  • But they had obviously garnered some attention, so Li Tiezheng immediately acted as though nothing had happened and casually held her by her waist, “Sorry, that wasn’t intentional.”
  • “I know,” Xia Mo’s ears and neck pet both had gone pink. She pursed her lips, then started making her way down again and then softly asked him. “Do you mean what you said just now? I don’t want to be popular or to become a star.”
  • “Fan Zhi told me about your wishes. While you’ll definitely be famous soon, what you do after you gain popularity is really your own choice and no one can force you.”’
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