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Chapter 95 A Perfect Match

  • Xia Mo was shocked by his actions, and quickly lowered her eyes to glance at her wine red, long down coat, then at Li Tiezheng, who was at the side in a navy blue, checked suit.
  • These two colors were indeed a perfect match.
  • “Let’s move along,” Li Tiezheng looked straight ahead while he walked out with Xia Mo on his arm. On the way, he turned to tell Fan Zhi, “Contact the celebrities from our company and check if they will be on time.”
  • “Okay,” replied Fan Zhi, as he whipped out his mobile phone and started getting in touch with them.
  • “We arranged for an RV to be placed near the venue, when you get there do guide those small-time actors with their makeup first,” Li Tiezheng continued with Muzi. “Since the ones who managed to go there, all stand high chances of becoming a hit”
  • “Of course, not a problem,” Muzi nodded his head and got Scoop to gather the things he needed regularly.
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