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Chapter 94 Stunning

  • Xia Mo’s thick and wavy tresses were gently pulled up to the top of her head. The platinum gray, full length dress she donned, had a bareback bodice that was made of lace cut-out. Her fine collar bone and beautiful cleavage faintly peeked through it.
  • The skirt of the dress was made of cascading layers of chiffon, through the light fabric her fair and long calves were faintly discernible. Diamonds that hung from the edge of the skirt, were scattered as though they were stars, or as if it was misted over by countless drops of delicate morning dew.
  • As a woman with naturally exquisite features, all it took was a light wash of makeup to render her into an earth-shattering beauty.
  • “Oh my God,” Yao Lili paced twice around her and sighed. “If you wore this to school every single day, the teachers alone will get nosebleeds from all the stimulation, it’s needless to say, what might become of those boys.”
  • “Hey, in the society we’re living in, it’s actually the old generation who are more defenseless towards excitement. The young people are the ones with greater immunity!” Muzi looked satisfyingly at Xia Mo, as he used his hand to fluff the hair at the top of her head more.
  • “Why is that?” Yao Lili asked quizzically.
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