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Chapter 92 Heart Cut by a Knife

  • Ling Yichen sped out of Xia Mo's estate all the way till he reached the front door of the Ling residence, where stepped on the brake.
  • From his jacket pocket, he took out a cigarette, lit and put it in his mouth.
  • The amount of determination he used to prevent himself from barging into Xia Mo’s home to see exactly what they were doing, was unimaginable.
  • He tried to persuade himself to trust Xia Mo but could not resist dramatizing.
  • Except it was just bad timing to look for Xia Mo, as he could not go until at least before Grand Master Ling left.
  • Ling Yichen drove his car into the courtyard and tossed the key to the driver. He took a deep breath before entering the residence.
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