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Chapter 90 Falling Sick

  • “I applied for leave today.”
  • Inside his heart, Li Jiyao wanted to touch her forehead and see if she was running a temperature. But he thought it might be deemed brusque, so halfway there he retreated his hand. Instead he took out a new thermometer he bought, shook it a couple of times and passed it to Xia Mo.
  • “Take your temperature and see if you have a fever.”
  • Xia Mo weakly accepted it but was too shy to slip under clothes right in front of him.
  • Li Jiyao went hastily to the kitchen to look for bowls for the canned food.
  • Li Jiyao dragged his feet in the kitchen for 5 to 6 minutes, and then returned to the living room, where Xia Mo had fell asleep leaning on the backseat of the couch.
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