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Chapter 89 Consequences

  • He had been going out with Xia Mo under such high profile, precisely to make sure that everyone would know that this woman was his true love. Anyone who dared to go after her, ought to consider its consequences.
  • But the last time he was abroad, someone went into the apartment to hurt her and this both shocked and infuriated him. But the culprits, one of whom was dead and three wounded, were extremely tightlipped and did not divulge anything.
  • “Granny knows that you and Wanru don’t have much feelings for each other, if you want to find a woman who understands your heart, Granny won’t hold you back. But if she is that woman, Granny won’t agree to it,” Grand Madam Ling said gently. “After all, she gave the Lings a baby, we should let her have a better life. Even if Yuanqi knows the truth in the future, at least he won’t have as much grievance.
  • Ling Yichen looked towards Ling Yuanqi, who had just come out of the bathroom. His features were starting to resemble Xia Mo even more. Especially the way he smiled when he was happy and how his eyes curved into a crescent were of a startling likeness.
  • If Xia Mo could give birth to a daughter as well, would it not be great? She would surely be even better looking than Yuanqi.
  • I would dote on her like a princess and would not allow her to suffer a drop of grievance.
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