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Chapter 88 Heartache

  • “You’re still young and don’t appreciate what’s at stake,” Grand Master Ling listened to his grandson, whose voice was as extremely hoarse. So he suppressed his anger and in a low pitch he said, “You defiled the Lus’ daughters, of course the Lus have grievances about it. Lu Wanru might be barren and can’t have a kid, but she’s within your control. But do you think the rest of the Lus will be as willing to fall in line?”
  • Ling Yichen clenched his teeth and got on the car, but before the car went far it got surrounded by Grand Master Ling’s people.
  • “Exactly what do you intend on doing?” Ling Yichen was so incensed he stopped using honorifics.
  • “You should stop before you do anything irrevocable, when there is still time. If the Lus really make a move, then what would happen to your precious boy’s future? If his foster mother’s family wants to kill his own mother, should he seek revenge?”
  • Grand Master Ling’s cool-headed words were completely incontrovertible to Ling Yichen.
  • He thought about sending people to protect Xia Mo, but what transpired today was proof that if Grand Master Ling easily got Xia Mo onto the car, who is to say there would not be other?
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