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Chapter 87 Grand Master

  • Xia Mo reached her head out from behind Li Jiyao and asked oddly, “Who is your Grand Master?”
  • “Won’t Miss Xia know once you see him?” replied the housekeeper, with a moderate attitude toward Xia Mo. He appeared as though Li Jiyao, who was blocking between them, was non-existent.
  • “Momo,” Yao Lili cautiously nudged to Xia Mo’s side and whispered. “Maybe they are rich folk, who came knocking after seeing your advertisement. Be careful.”
  • “Exactly! What Grand Master?” Song Yuhan also moved beside her, “Wonder how old he is, exactly.”
  • On hearing that, Xia Mo was afraid inside, so she took out her phone and contemplated calling Ling Yichen, but before she managed to dial the school principal came running over from afar, “Li Jiyao, why did all of you gather here?”
  • “Nothing special,” Li Jiyao glanced behind him a few times. “Let’s go. It’s time to go back to school for class.”
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