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Chapter 84 Imprisonment

  • At nighttime, when Ling Yichen brought dinner in, Xia Mo clearly realized that Ling Yichen had her imprisoned!
  • “Ling Yichen, you’re breaking the law! Let me out this instant! If not, I…” Xia Mo peered at the French windows, “If not, I’m going to jump off the building!”
  • “Look at the state you’re in. With no clothes on, would you still jump?” A moderate smile appeared u on the corner of Ling Yichen’s mouth, “Be good, you just need to stay here for 3 days.”
  • “What happened? Why do I have to stay here for 3 days?” Xia Mo stared puzzledly at him, “I don’t want to stay a single day. I want to leave now! I want to leave immediately!”
  • Ling Yichen was unusually patient this time round. He did not put up an argument and only coaxed her to eat more food.
  • But how could Xia Mo be in any mood to eat?
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