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Chapter 83 Tell the Truth

  • “It’s only because I’m still in school. I don’t want to have a baby so soon,” said Xia Mo.
  • “Tell the truth!” Ling Yichen was completely incredulous.
  • “Ling Yichen, has it crossed your mind that if I have a kid, what should the father’s name be on its birth certificate?” Xia Mo clenched her teeth and whispered gently, “How should I explain our relationship?”
  • Ling Yichen was stumped by her questions because he honestly did not think about it.
  • He assumed that acknowledging that the child was his was sufficient.
  • “I can take you abroad to give birth to it, “Ling Yichen frowned and said, “These reasons aren’t good enough! If you had told me, I would’ve found a way to solve it! The main problem here, is that you don’t want to have a baby. You don’t want to have my baby!”
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