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Chapter 81 Ending in Discord

  • Before any dinner was consumed, everyone had dispersed unhappily.
  • Madam Ling went to find Ling Yichen in the study, “Do you really like this girl?”
  • “Mom, can you and Dad leave the Lings?” this was not the first time Ling Yichen mentioned this.
  • “Your Grandpa won’t allow it,” Madam forced a smile. “Your dad is concerned about your Grandma too.”
  • “Then you guys can go off together and bring Grandma along with you, alright?” Ling Yichen did not have strong bonds to the Lings, “Let him jump around by himself. A commanding officer can’t do much on his own. I’ll wait and see how long he can last.”
  • At this moment, Grand Madam Ling had entered through the door and closed it back firmly. She went up beside Ling Yichen and looked at him reproachingly, “Why get so serious? Whatever he says, just nod your head and you’re done. A few days later, after we leave you can do anything you like, right?”
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