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Chapter 80 Dislike

  • “Qiqi,” Madam Ling’s face changed. She rose from her chair, but Mr Ling tugged her by her arm and shook his head at her.
  • Madam Ling looked with worry at Ling Yuanqi and her son, who was livid.
  • “He doesn’t even have all his teeth yet. A kid who can’t even speak, is that worth getting angry over?” Grand Madam Ling smiled and cajoling him slowly, “You are really getting too old. Your temper is getting really short.”
  • “Can you shut up?” Grand Master Ling snarled at Grand Madam Ling, “What does a woman like you know about the importance of lineage? If a mother’s a low status, then her child can’t be much better!”
  • Madam Ling’s face turned pale and her eyes grew red. Mr Ling held her hand gently from under the table and sighed.
  • Ling Yichen carried the child at the side and turned towards Mrs Wu, who was nearby, “Take him to his room first.”
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