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Chapter 78 Something to Give in the Parking Lot?

  • Preoccupied by their own thoughts, either of them had not known how their interaction was being misconstrued by others.
  • After class, word uproariously spread about the two arriving in school and going for class like an item. Among other gossip, was how they were “passing love notes while looking affectionately into one another’s eyes”. By the time it was afternoon, it had escalated into how “Li Jiyao and Xia Mo are living together”.
  • The protagonists in these stories were unaware, but Ling Yichen, though away at his office, caught wind of the news even before they did. He smiled coldly and muttered, “Li Jiyao?”
  • It was fair to say, Ling Yichen was displeased with how close Li Jiyao and Xia Mo were, yet he had no intention to do anything to Li Jiyao. Firstly because of how young he was and also owing to the special position his father was in. More importantly, the old fogeys from the Lings were on their way over.
  • Ling Yichen was about to call Xia Mo, but Lu Wanqiu beat him to it.
  • Ling Yichen picked up the phone, and mildly said, “Hello?”
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