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Chapter 76 Looked Normal

  • The car drove for about 30 minutes, left town and stopped at a pseudo-classical private club.
  • Xia Mo trailed behind Ling Yichen. A sight of the Chinese architecture set amid the mist, such a beautiful scene that her eyes could not be pried away.
  • This place resembled the heavenly palaces, which appeared in “Journey to the West”, looking as insurmountable and surreal in beauty.
  • “Have gone dumb?” Ling Yichen turned his head back, saw she had stopped walking, and then reached over to clasp her hand, “This place is beautiful, right?”
  • “It’s fabulous!” Xia Mo replied honestly.
  • “At night, we will soak in the hot springs, have a full body massage and go back tomorrow afternoon,” Ling Yichen pulled her hand and went towards the manager, who was waiting for their arrival.
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