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Chapter 75 No Escape

  • “It’s a female classmate of mine,” replied Xia Mo snappily, and then proceeded into the bathroom, with her clothes.
  • Ling Yichen got off the bed, followed suit and squeezed into the bathroom with her, “What’s so good about hanging out with her? I’m free today, I can keep you company. Where do you want to go?”
  • “But I’ve already made a date,” as Xia Mo saw the man, who was hugging her tight, the familiar sense of repulsion rose through her heart and she quickly gargled her mouth with some water. “You can hang out with me the next time.”
  • Xia Mo finished washing up, turned around, left the bathroom and went back to the bedroom to change.
  • After some thought, Ling Yichen, picked up the phone and got them on stand-by early, waiting downstairs.
  • Xia Mo spent a lot of time, carefully selecting her outfit. She chose a flesh-pink knitted pullover, which was interwoven with some gold thread, a pair of black skinny denim jeans and topped it off with a fluffy cotton coat in pale pink. It made her look as fair and delicate, as Ling Yuanqi was. This outfit made her look so irresistible and inviting.
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