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Chapter 72 Getting Beaten

  • “He definitely can!” Xia Mo nodded affirmatively, “He’s the kind of person, who will resort to any means.”
  • Leng Junsheng gazed at Xia Mo in disbelief. Then the phone, so he took it out and peering at the caller ID, he quickly gestured for Xia Mo to keep quiet, “It’s my dad!”
  • Then he answered the phone, “Hey, dad!”
  • While he spoke, he walked to the other side of the corridor and came back after he was done with the conversation. By that time, his already unrecognizably swollen features seemed worse off.
  • “What happened?” Xia Mo asked hesitantly.
  • “You were spot on!” Leng Junsheng gritted his teeth as he said, “That Ling Yichen really resorts to anything!”
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