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Chapter 70 A Glacial Countenance

  • Mrs Xia brought Xia Mo to the Xia residence located at Bi City, Cambridge District.
  • Xia Mo looked at the living room wall, where pictures of her, both big ones and small ones, hung. They were photographs of her from since she was 1 year old up to now. Her heart was warmed by this sight.
  • “Mom, this picture is so hideous, why did you hang it here?” Xia Mo said, pointing at the one on which her mouth opened wide polishing off a slice of cake with relish.
  • “That’s when you learned how to say, ‘mommy’, that’s the reward I bought you,” Mrs Xia smiled and said, “You used to be so plump and your eyes were so small.”
  • “This one too, it looks terrible, those legs look as thick as an elephant’s,” Xia Mo gestured at the photograph of her at around 4 to 5 years old, this time wolfing an ice cream.
  • “You have the courage to bring it up now, back then you loved eating ice cream so much, that if you didn't have it, you would cry to no end, it was so frustrating. If I raised my hand to hit you, you’d pout your little lips and say, ‘mommy, don't hit me. It hurts’, then no matter what, I wouldn't be able to spank you,” Mrs Xia smiled and reminisced fondly.
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