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Chapter 68 A Lying Mouth But Truthful Body

  • “What do you think?” Ling Yichen gazed upon this face in front of him, the one that he missed so dearly and his lips curled up, “From the looks of it, you seem to be having a ball of a good time!”
  • “It wasn’t too bad, but in comparison to Mr Ling, it falls far from the mark,” Xia Mo did not understand where all her indignation, sorrow, despondency and trepidation had gone off to. How did she turn out to be so composed? Was it becuase she had found her mother or was it because after all this time, she finally made plans for herself?
  • Ling Yichen lifted his brows slightly, and ruminated as he inspected Xia Mo’s face, before he asked, “Are you having a tantrum?”
  • Xia Mo lowered her head, tugged her clothes and said, “It’s going to be lights-out for the rooms soon, if there is anything else you need, please finish up quickly.”
  • Ling Yichen looked at her from over her head, reached out to pull her hand, “Stop making trouble.”
  • Xia Mo stepped back, looked up at him with her clear and bright eyes, and solemnly told him, “I’m not trying to be a disturbance, Ling Yichen. From the day I moved out of the apartment, you and I were over.”
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