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Chapter 67 Have Not Forgotten

  • Xia Mo was so surprised that she almost flung her mobile phone away.
  • For the past few days, she had endeavored going about her work conscientiously, doing her utmost best to erase him from her mind. She embarked on her new lease of life, but the moment she heard his voice, she immediately grasped, that everything she did was nothing but a waste, because she had not forgotten him at all – not one little bit!
  • “I’m at your school gates now. Are you coming out or should I go in?” Ling Yichen asked in a frosty and bitter tone.
  • Xia Mo promptly hung up the phone and quivered as she nervously put it back into her backpack.
  • “What is it?” Leng Junsheng walked up beside her, lowered her head and asked, “What happened?”
  • “Who called you?” Li Jiyao who was next to her asked.
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