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Chapter 66 Surfaced

  • Back in D City, Leng Junsheng insisted on treating Xia Mo and Li Jiyao to a meal.
  • Before Xia Mo could respond, Li Jiyao coldly rejected him, “There’s a Student Council meeting tonight, so we don’t have time to eat.”
  • Although no meeting notification was received by Xia Mo, she eyed Li Jiyao, but did not utter a word about it.
  • Leng Junsheng glared at Li Jiyao and complained, “People who are ugly just like to come out and shit stir.”
  • Li Jiyao did not say a word. He kept his head lowered and continued fiddling with his mobile phone.
  • Xia Mo who was next to him uncontrollably pursed her lips and smiled.
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