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Chapter 65 Heartache

  • Mrs Xia's body trembled and the circles of her eyes promptly reddened. She turned her head to look at Xia Mo. In a quavering voice, both hands reaching out, she asked, “Momo? Is it really you?”
  • Sorrow sprang forth from Xia Mo’s heart, although she knew nothing about its source, it was overwhelming. She rushed toward her mother, lunged onto her, embraced her and started weeping.
  • “Where have you been?” Mrs Xia pounded her daughter’s back, cried and said, “Not even a single phone call from you, do you want me to die from nervous breakdown? Or are you angry with mom? Is that why you got Mo Na to ring me?”
  • “Mom…” Xia Mo hugged her mother at her neck, she cried so inconsolably, that the sight of her could send pangs of grief to others.
  • The woman beside her patted Mrs Xia’s back, “What are you two doing? Seeing each other is a joyful thing. Why are you crying to so badly?”
  • At that, Mrs Xia let go of Xia Mo, took out a handkerchief from her pocket to dry her daughter’s tears, and then wiped her own off her face, before she made an introduction, “This is Madam Heng, the one I often mentioned to you, she’s no longer in D City, so after she moved here, I relocated here too. Where have you been all this while? Mo Na said you went to study, what are you studying? Are you done learning?”
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