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Chapter 62 Chaos

  • Xia Mo saw the man who had suddenly ran and stopped in front of her. It was a bolt from the blue. “Leng Junsheng?” she asked.
  • “Xia Mo, what happened to you?” Leng Junsheng asked, as the sight of Xia Mo made his heart ache incessantly, “Why are you so down and out?”
  • “What are you doing here?” Xia Mo asked. When it came to this so-called brother of a class mate, she found herself at a loss for words.
  • If not for his countenance being full of affection, even she would misunderstand that he was purposely being sarcastic.
  • “I’m a guest for today’s ribbon cutting ceremony,” replied Leng Junsheng. The sight of Xia Mo, in the blue and white porcelain off shoulder evening dress, left him thoroughly dazzled. Yet moments later, he was frowning in displeasure, as he shoved Xia Mo to go back into the changing room, “Quickly, get out of this outfit now,” he said.
  • “I’m going to be a Miss Etiquette later,” replied Xia Mo, pulling his hand away, “You should go about your business first.”
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