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Chapter 61 Arrogance

  • Xia Mo sat in the living room in a stupor until late night, listening attentively to the noises from outside the door and downstairs. Full of uncertainty about whether the police would come and arrest her, she had not phoned the driver to find out what became of the two men.
  • She opened the internet browser on her mobile phone, surfing for a while until chancing upon news about Ling Yichen and catching sight of that woman next to him. She was so sexy and every bit the temptress, as she held his arm and appeared so attention seeking.
  • Xia Mo always assumed she was had quite high profile. However the true master at it was someone else.
  • She thought he pampered her a lot, but in hindsight, only true indulgence could breed such arrogance.
  • She suddenly noticed that Mrs Tian was still around and kept her company in the living room, while she was coping with all this, hence she decided to go back to her bedroom instead.
  • Her heart suffered like it was being doused in burning hot oil. She had expected to be sleepless all night. However, after lying down in bed with her eyes closed, for less than 10 minutes, she fell into deep and dreamless repose.
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