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Chapter 60 Shaking in Fear

  • When they reached the rooftop, they finally released Xia Mo, who was so panic stricken that she ran towards the corner of the wall. With a quavering voice, she asked, “What…what are you trying to do?”
  • “What do you think we’re up to?” answered the short and podgy man, who chuckled while he made strides towards her, “You're born with quite a pretty face. You've so many choices, why must you choose to seduce someone else’s man?”
  • “Stop this bullshitting. Deal with her quickly, so that we can leave,” the lanky man said, peering down the building to below, “If she falls from here, she’ll be finished and our mission will be completed. “
  • When Xia Mo heard this, she shook in fear. They actually wanted to take a life?
  • Was it Lu Wanqiu or Lu Wanru who sent these men here?
  • She reached into her bag and felt around for her mobile phone. But before she could pull it out, that shorter man smiled despicably and went towards her.
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