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Chapter 59 Be Good and Listen

  • For the entire day, Xia Mo was unable to concentrate during classes, because her mind was completely preoccupied by thoughts of what might become of her after breaking it off with Ling Yichen.
  • Without money, him, accommodation, food and clothing, is downright dreadful.
  • Nevertheless, she was bent on leaving. In the worst case, she could quit university and find a job to tide herself over.
  • When evening came, the chauffeur came to pick her up. Shortly after stepping into the residence, she received a call from Ling Yichen.
  • “I won’t be coming back for a few days, because I’ve business to attend to, so you take care of yourself. If there’s anything you need, let the driver know and he will deal with them,” said Ling Yichen rapidly, “If you need me, you can call me too. But if I don’t pick up, you can drop a text. Don’t forget to change the dressing for the injury on your leg and don’t let it touch water...”
  • Upon hearing this, inexplicably, Xia Mo was profoundly sad. His concern always made her feel bittersweet.
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