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Chapter 58 One Dragon Three Phoenixes

  • By the time Xia Mo came around, she was already back in the condominium. Upon opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was Ling Yichen, who was sitting by her bedside.
  • “Up already?” asked Ling Yichen, with one hand holding hers and the other caressing her cheek, “Why did you faint?”
  • “I have hemophobia,” she said, her eyes glistening, “And a low tolerance for pain.”
  • “Why didn’t you tell me your leg was bleeding?” asked Ling Yichen heartbrokenly, as he brushed her stray hair away, and gently secured them behind her ear.
  • “I waited for you at your school gate for such a long time that even before classes were over, I had been already there standing by.”
  • “Why did you turn up so early to wait for me?” Xia Mo asked, looking into his eyes, “Is it because of those rumors?”
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