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Chapter 57 Holding Her in His Arms

  • Xia Mo became even more flustered and was too embarrassed to put up a fight. All she could do, was staring abashed and annoyed, at Li Jiyao’s chin.
  • Li Jiyao’s expression, on the other hand, was full of vitality and cheer, as he walked in big strides out of the academic building.
  • He walked until they reached the small path that led to the infirmary. Only then did he lower his head to gaze at Xia Mo, who was in his embrace. He grinned and said, “Looking at your face I’d take it that you’re quite fat. Who’d have known how light you turned out to be.”
  • “Put me down. I can manage,” Xiao Mo struggled gently.
  • Not only did Li Jiyao not loosen his grip, but he bounced her in the air a little and said, “We’re almost there. You’ve already bled all the way here, so you had better stop moving. Now that there’s blood on the ground everywhere, you might get called in to mop up tomorrow.”
  • Xia Mo turned her head peering at the path behind them. He was right. How could she have lost so much blood?
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