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Chapter 55 Flirtation

  • “Miss Lu?” two doctors looked at Lu Wanru.
  • “Young Master Lu is on his road to recovery today, so you have nothing to fret,” said Lu Wanqiu gently, as she turned and followed Ling Yichen into the hospital ward.
  • When it was 9:00 pm, Ling Yichen came out of the ward and rang Xia Mo, reminding her, “Don’t take a bath at night. Just wipe yourself down with a towel.”
  • “Okay,” replied Xia Mo, while she was drinking yoghurt and reading a book.
  • “I’ll give Mrs Tian a call later. If I hear that you didn’t do what you were told, you’re going to get it from me when I come back,” Li Yichen sounded threatening, but in fact he meant it endearingly.
  • “You always make threats. If you keep doing this, I won’t go out with you,” Xia Mo teased, “It’s making my cell rejuvenation deteriorate!”
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