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Chapter 54 Distressed

  • “Yes?” Ling Yichen took the phone call while looking at her.
  • “Yichen, the kid’s got a fever again. Ahh, he is twitching, Yichen—”, it was a mess over the other side of the phone, with the sounds of a woman screaming, kid crying, and others.
  • Both Ling Yichen and Xia Mo’s faces were downcast. She immediately reached for the car door and said, “I’ll take a taxi back home. You go to the hospital now. ”
  • Ling Yichen grabbed her by the arm and asked the driver to go to the hospital at once. “After dropping me off, the driver will take you home,” Ling Yichen was holding on to her hand so tight that Xia Mo could feel his unusual distress. She quickly took his hands and tried to comfort him, however unnatural it might be, “The kid is going to be okay.”
  • He pressed her head into his chest.
  • He could not stop feeling anguished whenever he thought about that delicate and weak child.
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