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Chapter 53 Fear of Pain

  • The robber on the motorbike fled far away before Xia Mo was even able to utter a scream.
  • She was so scared that her heart almost jumped out of her throat. Looking at the empty street around her, she stood up from the ground and ran towards the gate of the residential area. She didn’t check whether she was wounded or not.
  • Xia Mo was relieved when she ran into the lift of the apartment. She looked down at her leg and found two large wounds bleeding incessantly.
  • She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her legs and had to support herself with the wall to walk out of the lift due to the agony and numbness.
  • When she opened the door, Mrs. Tian came out to receive her.
  • “You’ve come back. Master has just called... Oh my God!” Seeing her wretched condition, Mrs. Tian went to support her in a hurry. “What’s the matter with you?”
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