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Chapter 51 The Suspicion

  • Lu Wanru followed him like a bullied little wife.
  • Ling Yuanqi was sobbing on Ling Yichen’s shoulder, hischubby little hands cuddlinghis neck. During the time Ling Yichen carried him along, although Ling Yuanqi tried several times to get to the bosom of Lu Wanru, he didn’t hand the baby over to her.
  • Returning to Lings’ house, when all the people were dismissed, Lu Wanru sat beside Ling Yichen and blamed herself, “I was not cautious enough and let Yuanqi fall down today.”
  • “Wanru, we’ve been married for eight years, and I know the way you are. I can see that your complaints on Xia Mo won’t make you take revenge on the baby.”
  • Ling Yichen’s acknowledgment did not bring solace to Lu Wanru. Instead, she cried even harder.
  • “I always see Yuanqi as my own. How can I take revenge on him? I can’t love him more, so how can I hurt him? He calls me ‘Mommy’. How can I bear him getting hurt?”
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