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Chapter 50 Her Coquetry

  • Once Xia Mo started going to college, Ling Yichen had one more chore every morning, that is, dropping her off.
  • But this wasn’t what concerned him the most.
  • For Ling Yichen at this time, the most important thing was that for the reason of going to college the next day, Xia Mo did not allow him to enjoy himself fully when they made love.
  • Therefore, Ling Yichen looked forward to the weekend every day. Only during weekends did Xia Mo have no other excuses. She had to let him thoroughly indulge himself.
  • The fresh new student life made Xia Mo temporarily forget about all her troubles and become happier every day. Watching her be all smiles, Ling Yichen also felt delighted and became kinder and kinder to her. He was hoping that the day when the rumors he was suppressing raised their head, she could stand behind him steadfastly, facing the trials and hardships together with him.
  • He knew that sooner or later, the seemingly peaceful surface would be torn apart, and the ghosts or monsters, including the hidden ones, would come out casting spells. No matter what trouble or frustration they might encounter, Ling Yichen hoped that she could still accompany him, giving him the strength and power to fight along.
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