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Chapter 49 The Fury

  • "What are you thinking about?" Ling Yichen's voice became more serious.
  • "I'm contemplating which college I should join. I'm not able to ponder over it because you always interrupt me." Xia Mo was browsing through the files sent by Ling Yichen's secretary. "With so many colleges and majors at hand, I'd better make a serious choice."
  • "Wait for me. I'll help you choose when I come back this evening," Ling Yichen said in a hurry, "I'll return a bit earlier this afternoon. Ask Mrs. Tian to prepare a double-flavor hotpot. After we finish choosing a college, we'll have a treat at home this evening."
  • "OK," answered Xia Mo.
  • Ling Yichen didn't take a rest during noontime. After dealing with all his business, he went back to the apartment at two o'clock in the afternoon. He opened the door and found the petite lady sound asleep on the sofa. Ling Yichen's heart melted completely all of a sudden.
  • He had left the door open without locking from outside that day, but downstairs, he still arranged many men to stand guard.
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