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Chapter 48 The Imprint

  • Xia Mo didn't struggle, nor did she move. She gave him the freedom to cuddle her in his arms, to strip off her clothes with his large groping hands, and to press her under his body...
  • Sweat all over, Ling Yichen fell off Xia Mo's body and lay on his back beside her. Hardly had he reached out his hands to fondle her in his arms when she turned over and dragged the quilt to cover herself. With a slightly trembling body, she hid her face beneath the blanket.
  • Ling Yichen's eyes dimmed, and he spooned her in his embrace. "Why are you crying? Are you regretting now? You're always thinking about leaving me; can you please stop it? Every day, I'll be with you, and you're the only one in my heart. Won't that be enough?" asked he sharply.
  • "No!" With a quick turn of her body, Xia Mo sat up and looked at him with teardrops in her eyes. "I just want to leave you! I don't want to be with a married man! I don't want to be a mistress or a concubine!"
  • Ling Yichen's face suddenly became hideous. Since his childhood, he had never begged anyone like this, nor had he wanted to own anything so much. However, this woman was constantly refusing his advances!
  • "It's no use for you to say 'No'!" Ling Yichen pressed the woman beneath him on the bed again all of a sudden...
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