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Chapter 47 Unable to Help

  • "Both you and I are unable to help her with her matters, even if we try. She can only depend on herself," Lu Wanru glanced at Bowen, yet in the next breath, she whispered," Besides, we are not the ones that should be worried. It is Lu Wanqiu who is facing this trouble; she should be the one that is concerned. Perhaps, with her involvement, there will be a turning point?"
  • "For real?" Bowen got excited at the prospect.
  • "Even if there is some positive change, it is for Xia Mo. You have nothing to do with it." Lu Wanru broke Bowen's fantasy without mercy.
  • Bowen leaned on his back seat and released a sigh of distress.
  • Lu Wanru also looked out of the window silently. Too many things had happened without any warning, and there was no way for people to foresee them.
  • Shortly after Lu Wanru and Bowen's car drove out, Ling Yichen also went out with Xia Mo, heading towards the hospital.
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