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Chapter 46 Return Her to Me

  • "Ah, my head," Xia Mo shook her head and stood up from the lounge chair, "I have to return to my room."
  • "Let me help you," Leng Junsheng quickly reached out his hand to help her.
  • Xia Mo stood up while unable to gain a firm foothold, she almost fell in the pool. Leng Junsheng quickly reached out his arm to embrace her waist.
  • Just when his hand was about to be placed on her slender waist, he was reeled in by a man who suddenly rushed to his side and pushed him into the pool. The woman screamed and fell into that person's embrace.
  • Even though the pool was shallow, Leng Junsheng was started by it. When he turned around and watched Xia Mo in another man's arms, he was overwhelmed by anger and bolted out of the pool.
  • "You! Let go of her! You molester—"
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