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Chapter 44 She Is Mine

  • "Based on what?" Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, Bowen jumped up at the sight of the person who had just spoken. "Find her for what? Why?!"
  • "Based on the fact that she's my woman. I will be able to find her one day." Ling Yichen walked up to Bowen and looked him in the eye. "Lu Bowen, you should feel lucky that I'm not going to dispute with you over what you and your sister have done."
  • "You are so shameless!" Bowen's complexion flushed red with anger. "What do you take my sister for?! She's your wife! How dare you say something like this in front of her! Don't you think you're being overly insensitive?"
  • Ling Yichen had already received news that Xia Mo had left his apartment and been picked up by Bowen. His blood had been boiling since then. When he had heard Bowen talk about Xia Mo, rage instantly rushed to his head, leading him to say something like that without consideration.
  • However, he had no way of expressing onward now that he looked at the silent but embarrassed Lu Wanru.
  • "I'm warning you. Xia Mo is not those woman whom you can find outside and pay for. She's kind and pure! Different from those people. Don't think that just because you have some money that she will willingly become your mistress! Dream on!"
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