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Chapter 43 Disagree

  • One of the black-clad men walked up and courteously stated, "She would like you to see her right now."
  • Xia Mo's heart relaxed once more. She was truly terrified that these people would hurt Bowen.
  • "Tell the First Miss that I will see her tomorrow afternoon." Bowen eyed Xia Mo and coldly replied them.
  • "The First Miss said that if you do not see her right away, she will come to you in person," the black-clad man said.
  • Bowen knew that his elder sister had him by his Achilles' heel. He did not want Xia Mo to know who his sister was.
  • "Mo Mo, my elder sister has something urgent to discuss with me. I need to go see her. Do you want to go to the water park yourself or stay in the room and wait for me?" Bowen pulled Xia Mo back into the room, closed the door, and continued, "Or how about you bathe in the hot springs? Spa is fine too. You can get a soothing massage."
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