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Chapter 42 Avoidance

  • Bowen opened his mouth, but made no reply.
  • If he had to blame on the person who had started all of this, it was none other than his elder sister.
  • "Can you two get in the car first?" Tan Wei helplessly said, "It already looks very strange to see two people hugging and crying outside the park entrance while the sky is still dark. It'll be even worse if someone reports this to the police. After all, you have no ID."
  • Bowen quickly dragged Xia Mo into the car, and Tan Wei drove them to a villa in the outskirts of the city.
  • "This is operated by my friend. 40% discount." Tan Wei stepped out of the car and noted to Bowen, "Remember to pay me back when you get your money."
  • Bowen glared at Tan Wei with a hint of disdain, "How much then?"
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